Thursday, April 1, 2010

Make your own wedding book!

Have you ever heard of the website

If you haven't - you really should go check it out. You can make your own books!

Think about it....

guest book - may be using your engagement pics OR pics of both of you growing up!!

Maybe even a guestbook that actually has pics of your guests in it! Wouldn't they love it?!

I actually already have my guestbook - so I think I will use this to make gifts for our bridal party and family of pics from the wedding day!

sounds expensive, right? WRONG..we are talking 35- 50 dollars!

I'm so excited:)

They have tons of books to look at on the sight to find your inspiration - there is a whole section of just "weddings".

Seriously...go now!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom invitations!!

Hey everyone!!

I know the posts are a little sporadiac but life is pretty crazy and I have never been very good at multi-tasking!!

I wanted to share a "little jewel" I found. From Etsy - of course:)

I can't believe I was able to get custom invitations and also be able to stay with in my budget - insane I tell ya!

Amy from the etsy shop "capturedmomentsbyamy" not only made my drawing come to life - but she made it dance.

This is the front of the invite- All I did was outline a couple of peacocks kissing and she made it happen. Trust me when I say it was only an outline!

What I love is that she also utilizes the back of the invite - so you are getting more bang for your buck

This is the rsvp postcard. a postcard is a budget brides best friend when it comes to RSVP's. It eliminates buying an envelope and the stamps are cheaper. win-win

How cool is the grayscale on the back of the invite??!!

It may be a little cheesy - but wouldn't it make you feel better getting an rsvp card that says

"no- and it is breaking my heart" then
"regretfully declines".

Well -it does me!

Guess how much this invitation suite was??

c'mon guess!


Do you love your invites??


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your girls picking their own Bridesmaid Dresses!

I'm baaaccckkk!!!

Sorry for being MIA for a couple weeks, but I'm back to stay.

WOW - planning a wedding in 4 months has definately been some work!

Not bad but busy:)

Lets get on today's post - Bridesmaid dresses!

Did you know that way, way back the bridesmaids wore the same color as the bride in hopes to confuse evil spirits that might want to harm the bride. That's what the veil was for too!
Interesting, huh?!
More and more designers creating white bridesmaid dresses.

I think that cohesive, clean look is downright gorgeous like this....

pictures:April Foster Events
However, I love color too much to go that route!

I knew right away that I wanted my bridesmaids to have a say in what they were wearing and I knew that I did not want them all the same.

I didn't know if I would just give them a color family to stay in and they can pick what they want.

pick a specific color and fabric and then they pick the style

pictures from the knot
pics from the perfect pallete

OR dresses with simliliar details...

picture from the knot

I decided to pick out 10 different style dresses made with same fabric and was the same color.

I am having 6 bridesmaids stand up with me.

I was trying to make sure there would be something for everyone.

I have one bridesmaid that is in her 50's ( soon to be sister-in-law)

I have one that will have had a baby 8 weeks before the wedding and

2 bridesmaids that are currently trying to get pregnant....
so, yes, varying styles were important!

It was very easy! I selected a designer and then picked from the collection,

These dresses are from the After Six collection. These pics are from

All these dresses come in the teal color just 2 of the dresses didn't have pics of it in that color. Also any of the dresses that have black, the black is going to be the teal color too.

What are you doing for bridesmaids dresses??


Friday, February 26, 2010

Invitation mishaps! uh oh......

Just a little reminder to proofread and have other people proofread to0!!
I received this in the mail yesterday...

I'm hoping you can read it but just in case you can't it says:

Saurday April Third Thousand and Two

and then it says where its at. However, it may say where its at but there is no time on there!
I'm going to RSVP and say I'll be there somewhere between 12 and 4pm.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Processional song ???? What to do?

If there is one thing I was always sure of when I thought of my wedding is that I did not want to have traditional ceremony music.

I also knew that I did not want to get married in a church, so I knew I did not have to play by their rules.

Thank goodness I have fallen in love with a man that seems to think the same as I about all this.

We want music that represents us - that means something to us.

I wanted to put videos on here - but somehow I have misplaced that knowledge. I will do links for now - just so I can get a post up - its been awhile. Maybe later it will come to me.

Here are some songs we are leaning towards ( strictly just our for our processional songs - other parts of ceremony and reception will come later!)

Here, There, Everywhere - By the Beatles
In My Life - The Beatles
The Luckiest - Ben Folds
Running on faith - Eric Clapton

I made sure they were all acoustic covers - because that is what we are going to have at our wedding. All though - I have to say my friend Sean is a lot better than these guys, but I am biased.

I think we would shorten up the song "the luckiest".

what are you all doing for your music?

Or any suggestions?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Ideas for Bridal Party Gifts

Happy belated Valentines Day everyone!!!

I'm just going to get to the point I came across a couple of ideas for gifts for your attendants that I think are pretty damn cool!
First up would be a fantastic gift for the guys and even for the girls , for that matter!!

I was at a restaurant last night and they had these prints all over their walls and then they sold a bunch up front.

it was love at first sight!

you really have to seen them in person to get the detail he put it into them. Ahhhmazing!

Here is a little taste..

Home of the University of Michigan. The Wolverines!!
Here's a little background about the artist...

His name is Brian McKelvey and he is from Michigan!!! Woo-hoo

He has a website called

He lived on Mackinaw Island for awhile and that is when he started doing these types of landscapes and I guess it grew from there.

His Alma Mater is Michigan State University - which just so happens to be one of mine too! ( Masters Degree)

So, of course he did his thing with the bar life of MSU!!

I partied it up as a single girl for most my 20's in East Lansing. He is spot - on!

Then when I saw Mt. Pleasant - the home of Central Michigan University.

It brought a tear to my eye. All the memories - I swear came flooding back!

This is where I received my bachelors degree!!

Then of course there is CMU's rivals Western Michigan University....


Both my brother and Fiancee' graduated from there!

You have to see these is person! He has taken all the great hang out spots and made it look like they are all on one street....but it looks so right!

And he is finishing a series of the 'Big Ten' my your guys know what I mean! There are plenty of places he has depicted in the Midwest...


Next up - for the Ladies...I guess you could do the Gents, but I don't think they you would get quite the same reaction!

Of course, she is has a shop on Etsy. It is called brooklit.

I feel she has a brilliant talent and creates something that is definite one of a kind!

If you send her a pic of your best girlfriend on her wedding day in all her glory - she will give you something back that I am sure your BFF will treasure for the rest of her life.

She will do a fashion illustration of your friend in her wedding gown!!!!

Here are a couple of examples:

Gorgeous right?????

I am definitely doing both of these things! They are just too perfect!

Have you found anything - YOU think is perfect for the bridal party????

See you soon!!!

( By the way - is anyone else - having a terrible time with formatting - or is it just me? Post takes 5 minutes and trying to format it takes an hour.....ahhhhhhh....( that's me screaming)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Save the Date - Photo Booth Style

Ok Ladies.....

Let me tell you after spontaneously switching our wedding from September to June just last week I have been in wedding planning madness!!!

However - I did want to share something with you all!

We have rented an actual photo booth for our wedding so we wanted to tie in the STD ( By the way - I laugh every time I see that abbreviation... I digress....)

Yesterday...did you hear me YESTERDAY...Mike met me at the mall in the Food Court to be exact so we could use their photo booth! Total Class - all the way!

BTW--- smallest photo booth I have ever laid eyes on or sat in. The two of us barely fit!!

We took a total of 4 strips since it was all he had time for, I picked my faves and of course ETSY to the rescue!

I used the Alchemy feature - if you remember from this post.

And Ta- Da - 2 hours later I have my finished product.

How's about that for service?!

Now for the big reveal...

TRUST ME...they are sooo much more vivid in person! I took it with my phone camera. The ones that she sent me so I could copy are itty - bitty

She even made them so I could fit 3 on a page to cut down on copies.

and by SHE - I mean

Amazing - I tell you. Sent 4 strips to her - she did her magic in less then 2 hours and charged me 6.99. Hello?????

She is my new "go -to" girl!!

Oh and the last pic on the strip has little scribbly hearts above my head and then written across the bottom is

"Come shake your tailfeather"

See you later..back into the world of wedding planning madness!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter weddings - whats not to love?

Hello Lovlies....

Since I am in Michigan its all about the snow! It was soooo difficult to look at any venues (I wanted an outside wedding) because they were ALL covered with snow! Whats to see?!

I remember all the times growing up my mom would always say that she dreamed of me having a winter wedding and all bridesmaids would have hand muffs instead of flowers. I can't tell you the number of times I had heard this.

Funny thing she hasn't once brought it up since the actual planning of the wedding...she must have given up on it. However, with all this wedding planning I think about what having a winter wedding would be like. I know this much discounts, discounts, discounts!!!

Anyways... I came across this picture by a Michigan photographer - the company is called Modern photographic and I just fell in love with this picture!
I love the way the fur is framing the face - its just so timeless....

Here is the couple out on the river banks - you have to admit the snow makes a beautiful background! So clean...

How cool is this one - it looks like she is catching a snowflake?!
This picture was taken by a gentleman that travels around the world to photograph weddings. You can find him here.

These photos were taken by a Michigan studio by the name of Purcell photography.
It reminds me of "Its a Wonderful life" . With the the old theater and the top hat.

How kickin' are those snow boots she has on?? Love it!

Again , right here in Michigan
-these photos were taken in Traverse City

Of course then looking at the pics brings me to bridal wear..ahh.. sigh...
These next three pics of different and gorgeous caplets are off of ETSY. I know your shocked! I can't help it - they are my go to people!

ANYWAYS - all these caplets are made in Michigan!! You read it right! The shop is called and it is out of the great state of Michigan.

This one ( well actually all of them really do..) has an amazing vintage vibe!!

This one I just want to we
ar somewhere!!! I need a fancy party - ASAP!

I LUURRVVE this piece below - the vintage brooch is to die for!! I found it on...wait for it....ETSY!! The Shop is named

And here is a bride taking it out for a night on the town or maybe signing a marriage certificate...whatever

I was in a wedding once and it was a Catholic ceremony in the dead of winter. The bridesmaids wore black caplets ( like the below except without the tie)
over red dresses...I have to tell you - it was a knockout!! We didn't have muffs though.....

credit for pic

I could go on and on...but honestly I need to stop and go get ready. We are going to Mike's brother's house for a cocktail party. Ooh La La


Monday, February 1, 2010

I found my venue and went to my first bridal show - whew!!

I am soooo excited that I have officially made my very FIRST decision regarding our wedding!!
I found the venue ( I am now taking a bow...) for the ceremony and the reception!! Oh yeah - an all in one deal! Let me tell you...this has been an ordeal!
There are soooo many amazing places in Michigan to host a wedding - that it is hard to even know where to start or what type of wedding do you want to have.
Formal and classy
Casual/laid back
The Beach
Rustic. brain hurts just thinking about it again!
Michigan is surrounded by lakes - which means you can have gorgeous beach weddings in any part of the state - except of course the middle of the state.
**** which by the way - is exactly where my hometown is - the EXACT middle of the mitten- no lie! We have a sign/monument to prove it****

Oh..and the country clubs, museums, resorts- all GORGEOUS! Don't worry ladies - I am going to highlight these places as we go! In fact going to the Grand Traverse Bridal Expo I was able to make A LOT of contacts - so expect some pretty stunning venues to be featured!

Don't even get me started on the photographers, florist, and the yummy, yummy cake bakers!
Okay, okay....I'll get to the point and let you in on my venue of choice.
But not before you know my criteria! Hey there was a lot of thought that went into this....
Cam and Mike's criteria!!
Nature had to be a big part
We wanted to have an in-state destination wedding
We wanted to be able to have the option of having an outside caterer
Definitely wanted to bring our own alcohol
Be able to have a late night reception and not have to close down at 10pm.

Are you ready......
We picked Frog Pond Village!! ( Right outside Traverse City)
I really don't think these pictures do it justice! They actually have a virtual tour on the website so there wasn't a lot of pics.

These are pics that show just a little piece of the grounds.

There are 2 chapels and this one is called the Tadpole chapel

This one below is the bullfrog chapel - this is the one we are getting married in. Awesome thing is that it has a roof but NO sides! Unless its a tornado and then they might put the flaps down. Actually the pic shows it with the flaps down! That sucks....

Same thing with the the reception area. It has a roof but the sides are completely open to the outside! Best of both worlds! It has heat and air-conditioning

Its very rustic (love it!) - and this pic wasn't set up for a wedding - it was just showing the chair covers.

How cool is this - fireplace in the building with seating in front of it! However, I am going to put that ultra cute wicker ( pottery barn like) seating arrangement outside!

This is a bad pic but what I wanted to show you was the bar that is set up on the patio covered in twinkle lights. I love that the bar is outside! You can have it inside too - if you want. I don't want!

Well- I didn't get to all the great info from the Grand Traverse Resort Bridal Expo - but we have plenty of time. Of course, if you have a question about it just email me!