Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter weddings - whats not to love?

Hello Lovlies....

Since I am in Michigan its all about the snow! It was soooo difficult to look at any venues (I wanted an outside wedding) because they were ALL covered with snow! Whats to see?!

I remember all the times growing up my mom would always say that she dreamed of me having a winter wedding and all bridesmaids would have hand muffs instead of flowers. I can't tell you the number of times I had heard this.

Funny thing she hasn't once brought it up since the actual planning of the wedding...she must have given up on it. However, with all this wedding planning I think about what having a winter wedding would be like. I know this much discounts, discounts, discounts!!!

Anyways... I came across this picture by a Michigan photographer - the company is called Modern photographic and I just fell in love with this picture!
I love the way the fur is framing the face - its just so timeless....

Here is the couple out on the river banks - you have to admit the snow makes a beautiful background! So clean...

How cool is this one - it looks like she is catching a snowflake?!
This picture was taken by a gentleman that travels around the world to photograph weddings. You can find him here.

These photos were taken by a Michigan studio by the name of Purcell photography.
It reminds me of "Its a Wonderful life" . With the the old theater and the top hat.

How kickin' are those snow boots she has on?? Love it!

Again , right here in Michigan
-these photos were taken in Traverse City

Of course then looking at the pics brings me to bridal wear..ahh.. sigh...
These next three pics of different and gorgeous caplets are off of ETSY. I know your shocked! I can't help it - they are my go to people!

ANYWAYS - all these caplets are made in Michigan!! You read it right! The shop is called and it is out of the great state of Michigan.

This one ( well actually all of them really do..) has an amazing vintage vibe!!

This one I just want to we
ar somewhere!!! I need a fancy party - ASAP!

I LUURRVVE this piece below - the vintage brooch is to die for!! I found it on...wait for it....ETSY!! The Shop is named

And here is a bride taking it out for a night on the town or maybe signing a marriage certificate...whatever

I was in a wedding once and it was a Catholic ceremony in the dead of winter. The bridesmaids wore black caplets ( like the below except without the tie)
over red dresses...I have to tell you - it was a knockout!! We didn't have muffs though.....

credit for pic

I could go on and on...but honestly I need to stop and go get ready. We are going to Mike's brother's house for a cocktail party. Ooh La La



  1. Great pictures and accessories! I’ve been thinking about winter weddings, too, since we’re getting slammed with a blizzard this weekend on the East Coast. But I’m a summer girl at heart!

  2. My friend had a Dec 26 wedding this year and it made me jealous. I'm sort of loving winter weddings!!!