Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Ideas for Bridal Party Gifts

Happy belated Valentines Day everyone!!!

I'm just going to get to the point I came across a couple of ideas for gifts for your attendants that I think are pretty damn cool!
First up would be a fantastic gift for the guys and even for the girls , for that matter!!

I was at a restaurant last night and they had these prints all over their walls and then they sold a bunch up front.

it was love at first sight!

you really have to seen them in person to get the detail he put it into them. Ahhhmazing!

Here is a little taste..

Home of the University of Michigan. The Wolverines!!
Here's a little background about the artist...

His name is Brian McKelvey and he is from Michigan!!! Woo-hoo

He has a website called

He lived on Mackinaw Island for awhile and that is when he started doing these types of landscapes and I guess it grew from there.

His Alma Mater is Michigan State University - which just so happens to be one of mine too! ( Masters Degree)

So, of course he did his thing with the bar life of MSU!!

I partied it up as a single girl for most my 20's in East Lansing. He is spot - on!

Then when I saw Mt. Pleasant - the home of Central Michigan University.

It brought a tear to my eye. All the memories - I swear came flooding back!

This is where I received my bachelors degree!!

Then of course there is CMU's rivals Western Michigan University....


Both my brother and Fiancee' graduated from there!

You have to see these is person! He has taken all the great hang out spots and made it look like they are all on one street....but it looks so right!

And he is finishing a series of the 'Big Ten' my your guys know what I mean! There are plenty of places he has depicted in the Midwest...


Next up - for the Ladies...I guess you could do the Gents, but I don't think they you would get quite the same reaction!

Of course, she is has a shop on Etsy. It is called brooklit.

I feel she has a brilliant talent and creates something that is definite one of a kind!

If you send her a pic of your best girlfriend on her wedding day in all her glory - she will give you something back that I am sure your BFF will treasure for the rest of her life.

She will do a fashion illustration of your friend in her wedding gown!!!!

Here are a couple of examples:

Gorgeous right?????

I am definitely doing both of these things! They are just too perfect!

Have you found anything - YOU think is perfect for the bridal party????

See you soon!!!

( By the way - is anyone else - having a terrible time with formatting - or is it just me? Post takes 5 minutes and trying to format it takes an hour.....ahhhhhhh....( that's me screaming)


  1. LOL I just dieeed laughing at your comment! Mostly cause I have and would totally say "I fell in love a little bit." You need to come down to Indianapolis and we will party!!!


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