Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Save the Date - Photo Booth Style

Ok Ladies.....

Let me tell you after spontaneously switching our wedding from September to June just last week I have been in wedding planning madness!!!

However - I did want to share something with you all!

We have rented an actual photo booth for our wedding so we wanted to tie in the STD ( By the way - I laugh every time I see that abbreviation... I digress....)

Yesterday...did you hear me YESTERDAY...Mike met me at the mall in the Food Court to be exact so we could use their photo booth! Total Class - all the way!

BTW--- smallest photo booth I have ever laid eyes on or sat in. The two of us barely fit!!

We took a total of 4 strips since it was all he had time for, I picked my faves and of course ETSY to the rescue!

I used the Alchemy feature - if you remember from this post.

And Ta- Da - 2 hours later I have my finished product.

How's about that for service?!

Now for the big reveal...

TRUST ME...they are sooo much more vivid in person! I took it with my phone camera. The ones that she sent me so I could copy are itty - bitty

She even made them so I could fit 3 on a page to cut down on copies.

and by SHE - I mean

Amazing - I tell you. Sent 4 strips to her - she did her magic in less then 2 hours and charged me 6.99. Hello?????

She is my new "go -to" girl!!

Oh and the last pic on the strip has little scribbly hearts above my head and then written across the bottom is

"Come shake your tailfeather"

See you later..back into the world of wedding planning madness!!


  1. I absolutely love them! Very cute and fun. We also rented a photobooth for our big day as part of our guestbook and favors :)

  2. What a fun, unique idea! Your guests will love it!

  3. This looks so great!!!!! And it sounds like your vendor from etsy is great too! Congrats!