Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom invitations!!

Hey everyone!!

I know the posts are a little sporadiac but life is pretty crazy and I have never been very good at multi-tasking!!

I wanted to share a "little jewel" I found. From Etsy - of course:)

I can't believe I was able to get custom invitations and also be able to stay with in my budget - insane I tell ya!

Amy from the etsy shop "capturedmomentsbyamy" not only made my drawing come to life - but she made it dance.

This is the front of the invite- All I did was outline a couple of peacocks kissing and she made it happen. Trust me when I say it was only an outline!

What I love is that she also utilizes the back of the invite - so you are getting more bang for your buck

This is the rsvp postcard. a postcard is a budget brides best friend when it comes to RSVP's. It eliminates buying an envelope and the stamps are cheaper. win-win

How cool is the grayscale on the back of the invite??!!

It may be a little cheesy - but wouldn't it make you feel better getting an rsvp card that says

"no- and it is breaking my heart" then
"regretfully declines".

Well -it does me!

Guess how much this invitation suite was??

c'mon guess!


Sigh....so happy!!!!

Do you love your invites??



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