Monday, January 25, 2010

Peacock weddings are all the they say


Last time I was here I was making a promise to the blogging world to do at least 3 posts a week as my new years resolution...hmmmm...that was on Jan 4th, I believe.

I do have an excuse but who cares about excuses lets get on with it, shall we??

I have a's not really a dilemma but my brain is fried and I am at a loss of words.

Months and months ago my Mike and I were talking and I was telling him that I would love our wedding to be shades of blue. Of course, I went on to tell him that the reason I would love this color is because he looks gorgeous in blue! As you can imagine that hit the ego right on target and shades of clue became the wedding color. So we were brainstorming on how we could make it unique and thought "Hey! How cool would it be to incorporate peacocks!" ( I'm sure saw I saw peacocks on the web, but at the time I totally thought it was an original idea.)

Now come to find out it a Peacock themed wedding is listed as one of the top 5 trends for 2010 and the color Turquoise has been listed as the color of the YEAR!!! Sheesh! Here I was thinking I was being all creative.

I like being a little unique so it kind of deflated my balloon when I saw it as being a trend. However, I do have to say that I come from a smaller town and of course Michigan so I don't think people are really going to know it is a huge trend....

But just look at these adorable ideas...

How cute would these be as bridesmaids gifts??? (clutchthat -etsy)


This is a silk handkerchief!! The designer stated that you can put any poem, saying or anything that means something to you printed on it!!!

Great gifts for grandfathers, groom, fathers, grandmothers, etc..... and definitely heirloom potential!! (artful beginnings - etsy)

I am totally digging these hand painted wine glasses! Now these are what I want to pick up in front of everyone to toast to the beginning of a beautiful life!! (maywibis- etsy)

How's this for an original guest book?? The designer gives directions on how to make the signatures on the wood last forever.
(inspiredbymarie - etsy)

I love, love, love big cocktail rings! So why not a PEAcocktail ring?? ( oh I crack myself up!) I wish I had a better picture of this ring because it truly is breathtaking on:) The is ring is by the House of Harlow ( Nicole Richie's company). Usually I'm not drawn to celebrity created jewelry - but I love this. ahhhh....

So I'll end this for now - but I have a whole post about just paper ideas involving peacocks.

Stay tuned....promise I will be better.

One question....what do you think of trends?? Do it or don't do it?


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  1. I love your color scheme and theme! My view toward trends is that they’re fun, but in the end, just do what you like and what makes you happy, regardless of what the trends say!