Monday, January 4, 2010

Bring on 2010!!!!

Ok...seriously not cool. Its been a week since I posted, BUT in my defense it is the holidays and NOTHING is ever normal about the I right??

Just think last time I posted it was in 2009 and now I'm posting in 2010....
that's just crazy, crazy I tell you!!

So its only fitting to tell all of the World Wide Web my 2010 New Years Resolutions!!

Here we go:

Post at LEAST 3 times a week On Delicious Details

To turn this poor out of shape, tired- ass body into one KICK-ASS METABOLIZING MACHINE!
- obviously doing this the good ol'fashion way of eating healthy and working out.

Plan this wedding with out any blow out fights with Fiancee' or mom... it is sooo not worth that!

Make my private practice a success
which in my being able to cover bills and sock a little money away for wedding

Keeping the house picked up on a daily basis.
(We are so busy that it gets away from us and then it turns me into one grouchy fiancee')

Remember everyone's birthday this year!!

Answering my phone when it rings and returning all calls with in a 24 hour period.
( I am reallllly bad about my phone!!)

So that is my list!! Any tips or advice is VERY welcomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know its a short post, but I feel I needed to publicly declare my resolutions to make them REAL and to make me ACCOUNTABLE.

Cheers to 2010!


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