Friday, January 29, 2010

Cake Toppers Galore

Hello Lovelies!

Since yesterday I posted some cake toppers, I thought I would I would continue on with the theme, but this time with unique, cool, and ones that have personality!!!
I have always thought a cake topper could be a place where you can show you and your fiance's personality! so here we go....

First up....

This cake topper isa silhouette form made out of metal. Very cool for the minimalist and modern. This can be found on the Beau comp website.

This topper is completely made out of paper!! Not only can it be used as a cake topper but it can also sit by a guestbook. There are tons of variations. It looks like the shop just opened on etsy- so lets give it some love!


Here is the section of the "love birds". Love birds is almost a wedding staple, but
c'mon lets put a unique spin on old tradition!

I know, I know...their faces don't exactly exude happiness but I think that what makes them out of the norm. They are more "hipster". Gotta love the clothes!
BTW...they have elephants, rabbits, frogs....

The snippets - etsy

Here are some pretty classy blue birds! They are beautifully handmade with papermache. if you look at the shop they have all sorts of style birds..white, brown, silhouettes, etc... There is also a couple of beautiful bride and grooms.


I love the colors and the sweetness of these lovebirds. They are made out of Premo polymerclay and the designer states that you can choose your own colors.

blue butterfly design - etsy

I just want to eat up these birds - they are just too damn cute!!! When you look at the shop you will see that each pair has different designs painted on them and the designer also stated that you can put in custom requests. The shop also has gorgeous "Human" figures too and another thing that I adore is that they also have different shades of birds paired together!

red light studio - etsy

I just have to say - you need to go look at the shop and view the different toppers that they have created! You give them the details of your Dress, Veil, Suit, Tie, Boutonniere, Hair, Skin and Eye Color and in turn they create you and your hubby into a cake topper. They are ridiculously talented!! Not to mention incredibly modern.

dandelionland - etsy

This is another shop that will create a look-alike couple for your wedding topper. However, this shop is a little more country and if you are looking for that at-home, rustic, simple type vibe - then this is the shop for you!!!
You send in a couple of photos and then they will send you a couple of sketches until everyone is satisfied!

urastarhouse - etsy

If you have a fantastic sense of humor and you and your friends like to live it up - then I think this would be a pretty hysterical cake topper.!!!

Not only will they try to copy the brides dress and hair color and also the grooms tie and suit BUT they will also customize the wine bottles!!

That's serious business!

Bluebutterflydesign -etsy

Maybe you met in a library or you share a love of books or maybe even you're career students. ...either way...I think this topper is pretty damn cool!

They also have them for birdwatchers, food-lovers, and one for a Celtic wedding.

here is the great thing you can put in a request for two brides or two grooms - its about time people are getting it together!!!

lace and rubbish - etsy

This shop has every type of novelty cake topper!
Here we have the red tractor couple, but the shop also has the golf lover, the hunter, the video game player, and the Vegas couple!!
If your looking for a cake topper to represent your fiance's love of a sports team...look no further!

splendorlocity- etsy

This shop will make any "funky" ( that's what she calls it) cake topper you would like. Take a look at her shop and you will know what I mean.

mudcards - etsy

I just love this one!!!!

When pigs fly

I think that says it all!!!

beeminedesigns - etsy

Like I mentioned in my previous post here
Peacocks are all the rage!

krishnasadhu - etsy

Just plain awwww.......
As we all know from that movie
"March of the Penguins" - Penguins mate for life.

And just look at those eyes??!! They look like the puppy dog eyes at the Human society! Oh gosh....why did I even think about that - it makes me sob every time.

fliepsiebieps- etsy

I know there are those gentleman out there that are all about their robots!! Females too!

This cake topper kicks ass is in the robot division - if you ask me. It is very artistic and uses so many types of different materials. Certainly not boring!

After the wedding - I really think it can be used as an art piece in the home.

buildersstudio - etsy

I think a gnome on a cake at a garden wedding that has spunk is just the thing. Why be boring?

thepinkpenguin - etsy

Have you always had a love for sock monkey's? What better way to show off what you love then sit those sock monkey's right on top of your cake for everyone to see!
For us in our 30's - didn't we all have a sock monkey?
You have to admit - its a great conversation starter at the wedding!

ohmygluestick - etsy

This shop is awesome!!!
The cake topper I picked represented the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead" which I should note is listed under the label "couples that are together forever". Pretty creative.
They also have thee most gorgeous painted love birds - if you love color check these out!

goodydevi -etsy

For my Gothic fans or for those who dig zombies -
here is a cake topper for YOU!!
These are OOAK and I have to tell you - she really does sell out of these fast.

This can be found at Loopyboopy -ets

Some of these cake toppers may not be "you" at all but my goal was to find a little something for everyone. Have a a fantastic day!



  1. Those are very cute and some are event funny!

  2. I LOVE the red light birds, the penguins, and the peacocks!!!! SO fun!