Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding it

Hello Lovelies...

Have any of you used or heard of the website......


I'm sure most of you have but if you haven't its a great tool for many different reasons.

It's originally to help make maps for your guests for your wedding, BUT I used it for something completely different.

I'm the kind of person who will research something to death!

First up with my wedding planning was finding a venue. Of course it was no problem finding the country clubs, hotels, resorts, etc....but I wanted something a little more unique.

In my quest I came across the
Wedding Mapper website and if you type in the city you are looking to have your wedding it will come up with a list of other couples that have utilized the site to make their wedding maps.

What's very cool is that you can click on these couples and it will list where they had there ceremony, reception, what hotels they had people stay at, etc....

In doing this I found so many venues that I would have never found out about because they weren't the norm.

Many of the venues didn't have websites or did have a website but didn't let you know that they were open to hosting weddings.
However, these couples would know someone who knew someone that knew that this place would hold a wedding. Following me??

It has tons of info from photographers to cake makers with reviews from real-life couples not marketing drones!!

Go check it out and type in your city....and take a peep into other couples weddings.

And just so this post isn't all text...because don't we all love pics of some sort??

I have to tell you I get irritated when you always hear jokes about the guy trying to get out of the wedding or he is the one with cold feet or maybe its the girl that forced him into getting married in the first place. Ahhh.... drives me crazy, because let me tell you it can SO be the other way around!! Right, Ladies??

I mean c'mon...IT IS the guy doing the romantic gesture of proposing and spending money on a ring but whatever...

I feel like when looking at cake toppers I always come across these....

No offense to those who actually put those on their wedding cakes...but....puke!

So sweet justice when I came across these.....

Not that you would find these on my cake either! However, nice to see it the other way around.

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