Monday, December 21, 2009

Why a 'bride to be' should read this wedding blog!

Welcome To Delicious Details very first post!!

First off let me introduce myself before I tell you all the reasons why you won’t be able to live with out this blog!

I’m Cam – your guide to all things dee-lish!

This is me striking a sweet ass pose…while my friend in the background ( say hello Sarah!) is hooking up the jumper cables to my car. I accidently left my lights on while some girlfriends and I were at the movies and well…that's me in a nutshell. Fun, social, and a little flighty. It may not be the best pic of me but it certainly describes me the best:)

This is my fantastic fiancee’…..I refer to him as “The Duke” – long story! We just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and looking to have our wedding in September. Woo -hoo!

And these are our children

Alexis and JJ. Aren’t they just the cutest?!


Are you wondering what exactly this blog is about? OR maybe your wondering why you should read this wedding blog because there is like a zillion and one wedding blogs out there!!

Either way let me educate you on why you should subscribe to this little piece of heaven and tell you what its all about.

Have you ever been reading a blog when they show a picture of a totally unique idea and you wonder to yourself – how did they do that?

They tease you, not on purpose, I’m sure…but a teaser none the less. They show you a gorgeous picture of a fabulous idea and then BAM…nothing... Let me give you an example:

After looking at this pic – I want to know:

(image from wedding of Lena Corwin)

How did they make that?
How did their guests use it?
Did they have a certain time of night to do it
How were the pics taken?
Did they use it for a guestbook?
Did you send the guests pics after the wedding?

There is a ton of burning questions that I have. ( seriously, I could come up with like 20!)

I want all the details…right down to the nitty gritty! The nuts and bolts!

Now that people is what this blog will deliver.

It doesn’t stop there…oh no…there’s more.

We will also have the latest in the wonderful world of wedding planning. There will be a bevy of pictures and ideas that everyone can oohhh and aahhhh over…and then you write down this marvelous idea in your trusty wedding notebook and add it to your "to do list" for the wedding planning.

At least that’s my hope!

( a unique idea for your wedding....wait to see)


If you are from the great state of Michigan then there is an extra special bonus for you here at Delicious Details.

As you can probably tell from my profile pic its my homestate too!

Anyways…when I peuruse all the other blogs they will showcase these out of this world vendors and these over the top weddings but are they ever from Michigan???

I’m pretty sure you know the answer to that one without my help!

and then I said to myself...

Wait a minute.....

Michigan is host to some pretty amazing weddings – and houses some pretty kick ass vendors and I happen to think they need a little more publicity then what they are currently getting out here in the interwebs.

So that is where delicious details comes in... I want to have those weddings and those vendors right here on this blog!!

For those who are not from Michigan...don't worry...I am hoping to be able to give shout outs to people all over this country!! So send in your ideas, weddings, whatever!!! I would love to see them!

I'm going to end this post and hope that I might have convinced a couple of you to come on back:)

Take Care,