Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Martha Stewart ain't got nuthin' on me!

Yep, I am talking smack to Martha Stewart.

In the spirtit of the holidays I decided to try to do some more "homemade" type gifts then getting suck into the consumerism around Christmas...that and funds are pretty tight with the upcoming nuptials and all.


I decided to make those super cute flower pins for the females in the fam!

They are all over etsy...

You can wear then on a sweater or a jacket...

(fabulous finds)

you can pin them to a clutch or an over the shoulder bag...whatevs..

(Davie and Chiyo)

I have to take a time out from our regular scheduled programming and just say that I love the clutches in Davie and Chiyo's etsy store so much that I make pretty similiar type clutches...BEFORE I came across the store! Really though there is like a million duplicates on I'm okay. They aren't EXACTLY the same...

OK...back to what I came to write about!

The flower pins I am making. I haven't completely finished them but I wanted to show you one that is about 90% done. My very first one I might add.

I found the tutorial on wise craft. It may not be Marths Stewarts tutorial but she has one...I just could follow this one better.

I took this pic with my iphone, so please excuse the quality.
The colors are actually blue and brown the family member that I am making it for absolutely loves these colors and the material is corderoy and the blue flower motif is a raised felt type material. Its got a lot of different textures going on. I like it, its not my style exactly but its perfect-o for her and really isn't that all that really matters:)

I decided something as I was writing this post
(hey! I can do 2 things at 1 time!)

I'm going to have a series on here called...

"If Martha can do it, so can I....maybe"

I will take a turorial found on the web or maybe in a book and try it out myself.

I'm not naturally crafty. It does not come easy...I have to work very hard at it! So we will see if a "normal" person can do thesey so called "easy crafts"

I can see it now.....

it just might take the world wide web by storm!

Better get back to the pin making...its 18 hours until gift opening. Yikes!

Happy Holidays!



  1. ooh, this is a fabulous idea. martha's got nothing on're so crafty!

  2. Aren't your gift recipients lucky? Those are just lovely!